What I Believe

I am a Christian theist. In particular I’m an Evangelical, Protestant Christian.

Philosophically I’m a Thomist. I struggle to find places where I disagree with the conclusions worked out by Aquinas, and I think the broader Aristotelian-Thomistic tradition is brilliant. I hold that God is pure act, being itself, and purely simple. I think that being itself is an analogical term and that the doctrine of analogy enables divine simplicity to be coherently affirmed. I am a presentist regarding time, but nonetheless think that God’s eternity means he is immutably present to all moments of time. I am a hylomorphic dualist.

Regarding arguments for God’s existence, I think few arguments are as impressive (and misunderstood) as Aquinas’s Five Ways. I’m also sympathetic towards the Kalam, Leibnizian cosmological arguments, and the Gödelian ontological argument.

Regarding ethics, I hold to both classical natural law theory and virtue ethics. I think both of these are largely misunderstood today because they approach ethical questions in ways our modern categories can’t make sense of, at least not without some work. Nevertheless, I think they are both fruitful, and that no competing theories approach them.

Regarding the creation-evolution controversy, I don’t think there should be one. I hold the literary framework interpretation of Genesis 1, and I don’t think evolution per se is contrary to the Genesis narrative.

One thought on “What I Believe

  1. Hi! My name is Ante, I’m from Croatia. I love your blog, keep up your wonderfull work!

    I am very much strugling how to combine a presentist account of time (like the A-theory for example) and the view that God is outside of time, in a thomistic sense.

    I would be very thankfull for your help, since it seems to me that I am hitting a wall regarding this issue, since I cannot accept a B-theory of time, but at the same time the view of St. Thomas regarding God’s eternity is much more plausible than the other philosophical alternatives (especialy open theism!).

    I would realy appreciate your professional opinions on this issue. Am I allowed to contact you via email? Should I provide a mail adress?

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