Breaking the silence

This year has been very busy for me, and which has unfortunately led this blog to fall by the wayside. Among the things that have been keeping me busy is a new project I’ve started with a friend called Faith Seeking Understanding: a ministry geared towards equipping Christians to develop a biblical worldview, grounded in the Bible as a whole, and integrated with knowledge from God’s creation, to know and serve him better. It seeks to combine my loves for theology and philosophy for the purposes of helping Christians think through their faith more deeply. More info will be available once we get our website up and running.

I’ve also recently given two sermons on Leviticus, titled The Holy and Dangerous God and The Holy and Good Law. The second of these includes part of the research I’ve been doing on the Levitical law and how we as Christians should think about its continuing relevance to us today. I’ll be adding both of these talks to the Leviticus page on this site.

One of the things I’ve been considering ⁠— and may try out in the coming weeks while I’m still busy ⁠— is posting shorter thoughts on things as I come across them. Much of the content on this blog is longer-form, and while it is certainly my preference ⁠this takes much longer to research, write, and edit. Shorter-form posts might therefore be a way to ensure consistent output in times of busyness.