Over a period of five weeks in 2018, I led a Bible study on the book of Leviticus. After each session, I wrote up detailed notes based on the research that went into it as well as the discussion we had in the session itself. What started out as a study on a weird and ignored book ended up showing me how foundational Leviticus is to the rest of scripture. While some things still need to be finalized, I’m happy to release it now as a predraft.

Leviticus notes

I’ve also written a draft paper on the structure of Leviticus, in which I provide a detailed defense of the structure discussed in the above notes:

The Structure of Leviticus

And I have a paper published in Themelios 46.3 which proposes a method for reading Leviticus in light of the work of Christ:

Leviticus in Light of Christ

In order to ensure the latest versions are always referenced, I would request that you link anyone to this page rather than the direct link to the PDF above.

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